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Bob Dylan & The Band
Boston Gardens
Boston, Massachusetts
14 January 1974 [Afternoon]

PA + AUD tape.

Lineage: The 1974 PA Tape Collection upgrade.(compiled by Les Kokay), Source/lineage information: first disc PA recording;, second disc - first 5 tracks PA recording, last 8 audience, best known sources, Lossless transmission from compiler; received as SHN files; sector boundary errors were detected on cd1and then fixed with shntool; excellent sound for pa portion

LosslessBob entry: LB-1497. excellent sound for pa portion; aud portion on this is close eac match to LB-0617 {see N.B.1} for d2t10; has heavy tv band on most songs. see tracklist for flaws; {see N.B.2} also analog pop d1t1 0:00 before the music; static d2t5 0:26, 0:29, 0:43, 1:03 plus more; drops between tracks' analog drop d1t7 2:02


LB-0617 entry: excellent sound, has small discontinuity just after start of each track, noise d2t4 0:52, says pa tape and sounds like pa tape but has some guy occasionally yelling loudly requests such as at beginning d2t12.


The Times They Are A-Changin' Start missing; pop at 2:13, Gates Of Eden pops 0:05, 1:54, 4:56, 5:06, 5:07, other, Just Like A Woman noise at 0:52, It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) pops 0:01, 0:05

Fix of LB-1497: SHN > TLH > WAV > Wave Repair 4.9.3 to fix micro gaps at indexes. Removed pop at 2:13 on d2t1 + Just Like A Woman noise at 0:52, It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) pops 0:01, 0:05, Gates Of Eden pops 0:05, 1:54, 4:56, 5:06, 5:07, other> FLAC

Disc 1

01 Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
02 Lay, Lady, Lay
03 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
04 It Ain't Me, Babe
05 I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
06 Ballad Of A Thin Man

07 Stage Fright
08 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
09 King Harvest (Has Surely Come)
10 This Wheel's On Fire
11 I Shall Be Released
12 Up On Cripple Creek

13 All Along The Watchtower
14 Ballad Of Hollis Brown
15 Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Disc 2

01 //The Times They Are A-Changin'
02 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
03 Gates Of Eden
04 Just Like A Woman
05 It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

06 Rag Mama Rag %
07 When You Awake %
08 The Shape I'm In %
09 The Weight %

10 Forever Young %
11 Something There Is About You %
12 Like A Rolling Stone %
13 Most Likely You Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine %

% = Audience source.

original md5:

8b694e626f9dbe5774d20111eee8dc44 *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1t01.shn
37692c329a316df0488fdec49c2aee84 *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1t02.shn
0528d48c0a6f51c88a3649acb8c236da *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1t03.shn
eb53926a288f3b2005ed91f947aeab34 *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1t04.shn
ab1478e4a55d25a9bad9b736c70b527e *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1t05.shn
a41064d4c6a1aae97d49598471bf3b67 *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1t06.shn
dfc58685a6873c8a2d6557a81a9e03a1 *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1t07.shn
5dec28bef5b75b494cd8c76e01c26367 *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1t08.shn
1e17e3d6b3ef999672b0b4bbf9b416d3 *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1t09.shn
45e5884a0518926606d7aecbe0102298 *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1t10.shn
1e04fbfa8936e440d316b74f8d7a554d *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1t11.shn
b036c0e1f0d06769fe905394babc7b48 *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1t12.shn
50a8d343a46c515574a72a71c034a17d *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1t13.shn
d7909fa7379d2911568377a63ec35d7c *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1t14.shn
9040eb2092018b375b8e9b7e0b0f7ad0 *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1t15.shn
aa04892d5a0c24651a40504a2196985a *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2t01.shn
32e90dd70547154da51baf421cc262f7 *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2t02.shn
86d9f68d634ecd3275e40f0cf56bc0ab *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2t03.shn
97d9a6c917abaf25ad8cd3dcbb344058 *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2t04.shn
fdcccfbf986a503fc88c887a030b910c *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2t05.shn
259f9dfdf5123f3f9612285063668a52 *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2t06.shn
c9b6771a16be396fb16a1dfe128852c7 *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2t07.shn
d56279c2aef80cd772b1baafd4594077 *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2t08.shn
cc7c00f0f24c8fc3fb43853e6c13b4b8 *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2t09.shn
87811bc5be65ae1d372ef32aea2eac31 *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2t10.shn
43b4e4590b90d67621e79e850b357067 *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2t11.shn
8d20020959b29b61475fe9a765f0cd89 *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2t12.shn
8b0b0bc37dd878ef586c9e1da0381843 *dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2t13.shn

new md5:

059fa5fc28fafbd46de5eab31c035ba3 *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 01.flac
b6da890204f36944680f18fd700f842b *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 02.flac
1cfb2b64b052e82ccfa11304ac16a55e *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 03.flac
76a4302a5ac48ccc03e2c817f7eb46b3 *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 04.flac
c65c35630a31ff59d5d563a0aa3f4c08 *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 05.flac
7fc6361502eca36fb3eb5244e0b190e0 *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 06.flac
af8a04e41268fd0b4f98c50af0b36a0e *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 07.flac
f33943d9cf5d2df15abcfa626f0143fe *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 08.flac
71cac0c7011ff90f95406cb6db68e0bb *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 09.flac
52e4519ba801dec7529558140d7f6e74 *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 10.flac
d7c0356022602dd0799df5e639de665f *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 11.flac
a4fecb2171381ed4a3a7e20fee3e5642 *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 12.flac
9826bccb7b81f0b9f26ac40ffcc35fc7 *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 13.flac
d783ff7b15f2af47236d564e7b990377 *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 14.flac
ee1b39a586056da9eade0cf077723ecd *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 15.flac
9901e808dd1cd2b81c6e3a475884bb76 *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 01.flac
72d211ee03102ee23871bc327b2964e8 *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 02.flac
ce029acec09973b221767fb54168f5a0 *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 03.flac
1ba64c4d45e1895d12401db3db4ba146 *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 04.flac
41af472e767fe10f19b1f7c19a3ff915 *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 05.flac
f00d6ea163ea495082781d393678215d *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 06.flac
41fd662e519694dab6e2af908be1cf0a *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 07.flac
41b0abfb4ea23b745a44d059d3f5818f *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 08.flac
788079484399db272aa3b850228e4083 *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 09.flac
861663f3b382dc278eb6da47d0e88045 *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 10.flac
b32634137c79c96c82b62403e17ff8a7 *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 11.flac
abd8c3ecf83faf8a4967d3accfdeb829 *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 12.flac
cc56d33ce97bfad02c24a1a9ea4748f6 *1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 13.flac

new ffp;

1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 01.flac:3a5c04a37b6e0b609f32d3831682c3b6
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 02.flac:7eb28afa434d3bc6fa4994cbe99cf581
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 03.flac:8290a3f940963fd6ca4eb89844c7b303
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 04.flac:8cb2cf8367e1b938a4614ec7ae256f68
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 05.flac:e3557a65471fcd43cabbebb3c55069a1
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 06.flac:82020830e33ca5fea33411f54c886606
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 07.flac:8ff9db752774e2e9189a11cbb9bb78ac
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 08.flac:79986b650971c3b5abdee3c561d7bd68
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 09.flac:cf4c578c8e9116121f99108255ab86b4
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 10.flac:a45e6721809270f80521dee7fee3808b
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 11.flac:7b3e883fe399138fcb09c447bc218e6a
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 12.flac:a36e91e659d577e2b8c7da0620cf319c
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 13.flac:3f20105fcde89f1a395c74206d983fe0
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 14.flac:185e73e058c98a179d793641409343bd
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 1\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d1 15.flac:b85d6d019f0bacbb6ec41f305b362c49
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 01.flac:5276ab71b288a0ffdcfa56f4bc27a22b
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 02.flac:934654cbac49e16be5537e391538f1da
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 03.flac:957f065a38c2a5324fad3c9a221ab52c
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 04.flac:dd278a46ea1c78f15c245a9f30ef389d
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 05.flac:7b7d038f66541fbf5931d52e96411122
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 06.flac:2db5d5ac6f2a62e0431fd99fa06ba369
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 07.flac:3d911d13052c4fdb085b6cab2073f3bf
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 08.flac:0861fc5b495be041732751dc1c170247
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 09.flac:6cc3bf9914cb0ce345b35b936da4356d
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 10.flac:e96da330bf8f68f6ee649863191317cd
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 11.flac:b34ed9b5f90843cb5b449ad7cf8bddc1
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 12.flac:5030736d2cf84c7022d40b64107312d0
1974-01-14-aft Boston - Disc 2\dylan-1974-01-14aft-d2 13.flac:af5575e86c4b3a91e89ab239e2be4bc4


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